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Indy Pet Boarding

Play Time
15 minutes of one-on-one playtime
Nature Walks
15 minute walk out around pond & fields
Pool Time
Pool placed on outside patio units
Pup Corn and Movie
Movie and snacks with the family inside
Twist and Treat
A very yummy treat
Twist and Treat
A fun way for treats throughout the day
Twist and Treat
Ice treat that is filled with peanut butter
Pet Grooming
Full Service
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Our Daily Schedule
Dog and Cat Boarding and Daycare

We like to stay on a schedule so that all pet’s vacation can be fun. Weather plays a big part of our daily routine and there are many different elements we watch closely. 

All dogs go out to the play yards at least 6-8 times daily for exercise and bathroom breaks. There are 10 play yards – 1 play yard is a grassy area that is approximately ¾ acre ,1 is approx. ½ acre and 1 is smaller grass play yard,and then there are 7 smaller pea gravel play yards. We are adding 1 more play yard this year for a total of 11 play yards for your dog’s entertainment All fencing is 6 foot tall.

Breakfast is served early in the morning and fresh water is always available in the suites.

Nap Time is in the afternoon and treats are given so that everyone can lie down and have a break.

Dinner is served in early evenings.

Last Potty breaks are around 9:00 PM


Daily Schedule:


Bathroom time and Breakfast is served
Bathroom breaks, play time in play yards
Relaxation time / Nap Time
Bathroom breaks and play time in play yards
Dinner is served
Play Time in Play yards and Last Potty Breaks


**Play Times are done minimum 6-8 times a day. We have 11 play yards and we rotate them in and out of their suites during those play times so that they may rest between play times.*



Pawsitively sure you’ll like us,
Daryl and Erica Copeland


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