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Indy Pet Boarding

Play Time
15 minutes of one-on-one playtime
Nature Walks
15 minute walk out around pond & fields
Pool Time
Pool placed on outside patio units
Pup Corn and Movie
Movie and snacks with the family inside
Twist and Treat
A very yummy treat
Twist and Treat
A fun way for treats throughout the day
Twist and Treat
Ice treat that is filled with peanut butter
Pet Grooming
Full Service
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$100.00 Gift Certificate


Happy Customers


Sadie enjoys getting on her loft bed and watching her television...

Nature Walks

Gus is ready for a nap...

Pool Time

Mia enjoys her peanut butter filled Kong while on her loft bed. Steps may be placed in to help smaller ones up to the loft...

PupCorn and Movie

Gus (mix) enjoys stretching out on the loft bed while Daisy (chocolate lab) enjoys watching her TV.

Trist and Treat

Chism (80 lb chocolate lab) stretches out on the loft bed while Sadie (yellow lab)  lays on her bed brought from home!!



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